The sea of ​​Koh Kradad The best scene in the Gulf of Thailand

ทะเลแหวกเกาะกระดาด อันซีนที่เที่ยวใหม่กลางทะเลอ่าวไทย

We will take everyone to find a new scene in the Gulf of Thailand that many 
people may have never seen before with the sea of ​​Kradad in Trat.

n this low tide period, the sand dunes will be connected to the islands of Kradad 
and Nok Nai and Koh Nok, including the island of Laughing, respectively.

When viewed from a high angle, the image of the sea can be seen clearly and beautifully. 
Considered to be a very exciting place to visit Want everyone to see with their own eyes 

In addition, the surrounding area will be able to see the beauty of the rich and clean 
sea water with bright blue color. Watch the deer group on the Kradad Island as a safari 
in the sea. 

And taking beautiful pictures With Koh Lek, which is another corner of the 

This summer, if you don't know where to go, try to see the sea of ​​the Gulf of Thailand. 
Ensure that beautiful, not lost to the South Sea of ​​course.

Saiyok View Raft, Kanchanaburi Accommodation

Saiyoke View Raft "private waterfront accommodation with a quiet atmosphere In the midst 
of beautiful nature, suitable for tourists who want to truly relax

For Saiyok View Raft, Kanchanaburi accommodation is located on the bank of the 
Kwai Noi River. Can wake up to get fresh from the room immediately The accommodation 
is a large raft. Give your privacy the way you have never experienced before. Cut off 
from the busy outside world

Suitable for tourists who want to relax in the breeze and the river of the Kwai Noi River. 
When traveling here You can feel the peace of mind that has never been anywhere.
ไทรโยค วิว ราฟท์ ที่พักกาญจนบุรี

ไทรโยค วิว ราฟท์ ที่พักกาญจนบุรี ล่องแพ
ห้องพักไทรโยค วิว ราฟท์
ชมวิว ไทรโยค วิว ราฟท์

Phu Kho @ Nahaeo

Phu Kho is the new attraction of Loei province. Located in Na Haeo Sub-district On the community forest area of ​​the villagers The villagers who go to find the forest are the ones to discover. This mountain is over 900 meters above sea level, making the air above cool. Should come to tent, touch the cold wind and watch the mist Plus, people still do not know much because it was officially opened for tourism in 2018 – ready to go.

ภูค้อ @นาแห้ว มาแล้วรักเลย2-53-5

Getting up on the mountain must use the e-stew service of the villagers. Because the way up the mountain is steep, not an ordinary step It takes about 1 hour to reach the point of spread the tent, 1 car, the price of 500 baht per car, not more than 5 people per way. On the way up, we will see the scenery of other mountains and farmland. Fresh pineapples from the farm are very tasty.

As soon as he reached the top, we walked to find the viewpoint first. Want to say that the sunset here is very beautiful Who likes to take pictures, keep as memories, not disappointed Don’t forget to prepare the camera for good. Both the battery and the memory card will press the shutter. The air above is cool and not cold. Importantly, there are no mosquitoes to disturb. There is also a bathroom on the top.




After charging all night At dawn we woke up again. Waiting for the sunrise is a very good feeling. Because we will see another beautiful form that is not seen in the city The morning mist hits the sun and becomes golden. Like a treasure that nature created for us It is a beauty that everyone should have to experience with their own eyes.