11 things to do in Phuket for those on a budget

What are the best activities in Phuket for those on a budget? Of course, it’s not easy to travel cheaply because traveling to Phuket is more costly than other provinces of Thailand. But if your friends follow our recommendations We will definitely be able to find the perfect holiday that will not tear the bag, and will also have a great experience.

One of the best strategies is to rent a motorbike, because taking a taxi and tuk-tuk will cost a lot. Motorbike rental per day is probably 150 baht, but if rented for a week, then it will be reduced further. Of course, driving a motorcycle in Phuket is difficult and requires careful driving. But many people can drive without any problems We just have to keep looking at the road all the time and also have a driver’s license as it may be checked from time to time.

We can also travel from one beach to another by taking a local bus. The service fee is cheap but will be slower than the tuk-tuk.

1 Day Trip with Pasak Jolasid Dam floating train

The first rule of travel for 1 year is only 3 months. Sensitivity

Do not be confused. Even though we booked on the first day before calling the train, press until the crouched hand. But the air conditioner still has different seats We went. Two people had to sit separately. Therefore not reserving air, changing to reserve ordinary seats instead That is a fan !! Maybe thinking about the weather, our house is still thrilling. Will it be hot …

Book the ticket and pay. The train ticket price is 290 round-trip / person. After payment is complete, we can pick up the train ticket at any station. The ticket will look like this with the name of the passenger, both on the way and back.

Perid Island, Chanthaburi 3 days 2 nights, slow walking on the eastern bank

Perid Island, Chanthaburi (pronounced “Kao Tong Kao”), a Chinese fisherman community The former island is not that big now that it is no longer an island. Because sea reclamation has created a road connecting the island from the coast many decades ago.

Last summer, I went to Perid Island. Traveling because of beautiful pictures That is shared in the social world View that is called “Everlasting Blessing” that some give to Bali Is Bali in Thailand Which is a viewpoint that people in the area have developed to welcome tourists in less than two years. Said that it was a new attraction, unpacked in the city of Chan

But at that time I went with a friend This time, when I have free time during the winter months, I would like to take “her” to see the beautiful view.