Kangang Lom viewpoint

Kangang Lom viewpoint Windmill viewpoint is a wonderful viewpoint in southern Phuket. Located not far from Promthep Cape Located between Yanui Beach and Nai Harn Beach There is a beautiful view and a unique landmark. This small viewpoint has a tall white turbine and a gazebo. Feels like being in a foreign country During the high season or in the high season, there will be many Thai and foreign tourists. Come to see the sunset and take a picture This is also popular in pre-photography. Wedding as well

It is another mysterious beach that is quiet and very private. Which is not known to outsiders Making this beach not too crowded There is a beautiful beach. Crystal clear water There is a restaurant that is inexpensive and shady under the shade of trees. There are beach chairs for rent to sit and relax. Lie down and admire the sea view. Snorkeling and scuba diving activities are very popular. Because this beach is quite peaceful all year round

Wat Chom Phueak

Wat Chom Phueak is located in Sanam Bin Nam Soi Soi 33, Tha Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province. It is a famous and well-known temple of Nonthaburi Province. Mon temple was built in the early Ayutthaya period. The architecture of this 350-year-old temple in Chiang Rai is a blend of Thai, Mon, Chinese, Burmese and Westerners. What stands out is the beautiful ancient murals. On all four sides, there are paintings, dust, and glue, as in the middle of Ayutthaya style. The craftsmanship of Nonthaburi clerks at that time shows stories of Jataka jataka and Buddhist history.

Mu Thao or Mon shape pagoda and Swan pole, a symbol of Mon temple Located in front of the chapel Believe that containing the relics

Old temple Aged The distinctive feature of this old chapel is Designed to have entry-exit doors On the front one side, according to the motto, is called the “Great Church”. Inside, there are ancient murals. Especially the image of Phra Mae Earth on the wall above the entrance With the image of Mother Earth pressing the hair in a delicate manner in the arch of the Ruean Kaew spire, regarded as one of Thailand’s most beautiful images of Mother Earth

In addition, there are also other notable mural paintings. The image of the fable of the allegory on the side wall between the window openings And images of angels worshiping Phra That Chulamanee in heaven As for the wall behind the principal Buddha image In the middle, draw a large glass dome of the house. The wall is a drop of flowers. On both sides are images of the former Lord Buddha. For the Buddha statue within the old chapel Is a replica of the Buddha posture of the old posture of the Sukhothai period


Adjacent to the old chapel, the new chapel is a 2-storey Thai-style basement roof, 3-level terraces with gable roofs, ravens and hinges, gable windows and doors decorated with glass. The interior wall of this new chapel Is a painting about the story of Buddha’s life Along the windows painted in Thephanom pattern Is enshrined the Buddha art Buddha statue and 2 standing Buddha images. This temple has been registered as a national historic site.