Panyi, island

Another landmark of Panyee Island is the football field that floats on the water. And the scenery behind the hill and the small island in the sea, which the British website of the Metro, posted a short article on 11 June 2012, admiring the beauty of the floating football field, Ko Panyee Island and giving this football field to be one of the scenery that The most beautiful in the world The Panyee Island football field is built on ideas from fishermen on the island because there is not enough land on the ground to make a football field. Or have to wait to play football on the sandy beach at low tide, in which there is only one chance in a month during the waning months when the sea is very low, so this football field was built For children Have a field to use Initially built from wooden boards and ropes, but now has been transformed into a more robust field.

On the island of Panyi, most people are engaged in local fishery. As well as there are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the island. Is a place that tourists from all over the world come to visit See a souvenir shop for sale, such as products from shells, batik, necklaces, bracelets, rings made from mother-of-pearl, and there are other products such as shrimp chili paste. Shrimp paste and is a resting point for eating Tourists tend to come to have lunch at Ko Panyi. Which has many restaurants at the pier But personally, after seeing the price of food and being shocked, the price is higher than on the bank and after tryin


If passing Phetchaburi Don’t just pass by. Try to stop by to go into the city. Because aside from having delicious food Famous dessert Old temple Still chic and classic at Soi Talad Rim Nam, Phetchaburi The ancient commercial building community that has been trading for decades has lovely
Phetchaburi paintings on the walls of houses. Which reflects the story of being a Chinese-Thai community And is another point that can be walked to see the way of life of the market town of Petch While also taking pictures and beautiful paintings as well

The starting point for the Sightseeing Street Art in Phetchaburi begins at Wat Mahathat. If anyone uses a private car, can park in the temple area. Because there is no space for parking in the market After crossing the bank, it will be the area of ​​Phetchaburi Riverside Market. But before going in, first intended to walk to eat rice noodles, fried sweet potato in Thong Chiang Chao This is a famous menu of the city of Diamond that must not be missed. But it turns out that he had moved So try eating this restaurant Spacious area to sit in an ancient building to match the atmosphere. The outstanding set is opposite to Wat Mahathat. Try the first bite. Delicious. Sweet and sour sauce. Eat with rice noodles and then combine. This menu may be more delicious than a famous restaurant. Aside from deep-frying it, there is another Thai rice noodles with green curry, khao chae, another famous royal food. But we already tried both but still not quite hit The Khao Chae menu is intended to be eaten in the market. So you

Rawai Beach, a place not to be considered

Promthep Cape is the southernmost point of Phuket Island. With beautiful scenery and is one of the best sun view spots that should not be missed A picture of the sun falling down the horizon and disappearing into the water surface The soft light that says the day is changing to night Is a captivating image of photographers, including both Thai and foreign tourists. Not far from Promthep Cape, there are Thai restaurants and seafood. Which is the most romantic for dinner amid the sunset and views of the Andaman Sea

Pha Hin Dam View Point is a charming viewpoint suitable for those who love adventure. Since traveling up to the viewpoint is quite difficult Is a forest and uneven road surface Regarded as the most challenging point in Rawai Beach But very worthwhile to go Therefore, traveling by bicycle or motorbike is the most suitable.