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Ultimate Hostel: The best hostel in Europe for travelers and tourists in big cities in Europe.
Plan an epic European journey and try to figure out where in all the cities on your itinerary? Let me help you choose from a number of options for finding the best dorm in Europe by sharing my favorites in major European cities. The hostel is ideal for your European trip. 1) You are on a backpacker’s budget. 2) You are solo and want to meet new people. 3) You want to have fun! For almost 10 years now, I have been staying in a European dorm and I have to say that although I like my own bathroom with regular sleep patterns and free snoring zones, the ones I have found in While staying in the hostel It’s what made my trip … not chocolate on my pillow during the opening hours. That’s why I created this post to share what I believe to be the best hostel in Europe for solo travelers and backpackers. PS If you want to create a European tour, please See all the pages of all routes here.

Canal Amsterdam “The best hostel in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Amsterdam, Netherlands:
If you are in Amsterdam, you may go to Flying Pig Downtown because that’s what people do. It’s a great place to stay if you want to meet people and be close to doing all the work, so if you’re traveling solo, it’s probably the right way. I have made flying pigs and I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan. But that was so many years ago, so I can not really give a fair review of how it has been in recent years, and the comments are really pretty good. I would say that even airbnb culture in Amsterdam would be nice. Fear is due to tons of beautiful features for reasonable prices, and many have a canal view. If you are traveling with friends, family or a romantic couple, I would consider staying in airbnb or one of the other types of accommodation options available in Amsterdam. I wrote an article about the most unique place to live in Amsterdam, because you can actually live in a windmill, houseboat and lump house in Rotterdam, which is about an hour away, all at a reasonable price!

Ruins of Athens “The best hostel in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Athens, Greece:
I went to more details about where to stay in Athens in my post-Greece trip. But to put it simply, you should consider staying at City Circus Athens. If you are looking for Hostel & Travelers Inn as well as Athens Backpackers, there are two more robust options available. At City Circus Athens

Barcelona, ​​Spain:
Amazingly, I have been to Barcelona countless times and never been in a hostel. That is mainly due to the fact that I was with a foster family when I lived there, and then when I came back and visited, I might be with a friend or at Airbnb because I did not travel solo. That being said, there are some great and super social hostels in Barcelona. I went really in-depth about my Spanish travel post. But the host of my top choices is Rodamon Barcelona Center and Petrit Fabrizzio. Because of their stellar location and other high ranking hostels that have been ranked high in Barcelona, ​​it has a rating. Except that they can not walk to the best neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​such as the Gothic Quarter.

Berlin, Germany Attractions in “Best Hostels in Europe for solo travelers and backpackers”

Berlin, Germany:
There are a variety of accommodation options for Berlin, which, by the way, is a city where quite important tourist attractions are spread out, so you will most likely need several public transportation stops during your trip. Where are you located PLUS Berlin is my preferred choice. But there are many options such as the Wombats City Hostel Berlin while on the high side of the hostel price. The EastSeven Berlin Hostel is a good bet and offers reasonably priced rooms.


Budapest, Hungary:
Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe and Carpe Noctem Original. The hostel is very laid back. But the society is incredible and there are crazy activities every night. When I was here, there was a box of costumes and we dressed in costumes. (I feel like I’m a Santa Claus … randomly) and go out to the town of Carpe Noctem. Original is one of these dormitories where you have two nights to book and end your stay for a few weeks due to location. It feels like home / at your old home / kiosk.

Dubrovnik Old Town in “Europe’s best hostel for solo travelers & backpackers”

Dubrovnik, Croatia:
I actually went into details about my trip post to Croatia. But to summarize here, I may choose to stay in an apartment in Dubrovnik, because the hostel prices are quite high during the busy season and the ratings are below. That being said, if you are a solo traveler who starts a trip out in Dubrovnik, you could meet people at one of the following two hostels: Old Town Hostel or City Walls Hostel. I’m close to the cable car, which is a 5-minute walk from the old town. It’s a great relief to escape the crowd at night and the airport bus picked up on the same street!

Florence in sunset “The best hostel in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Florence, Italy:
I’ll be honest … I was underwhelmeded Beautiful by the hostels in Florence. Nobody sees stellar reviews and the good ones are far from the city center. Florence is one of the most walkable cities in Europe and is very easy to walk on foot, so these locations may not be too far away. The hostel is the most famous in Florence, the Academy Hostel and the PLUS Florence Archi Rossi Hostel and the Hostel Gallo d’Oro. Nice to recommend? Please share in the comments below! It may be the city you look into airbnb or bed and breakfast and regroup from shared bathrooms and dormitories with some additional amenities and your own private space.

Look out from Paragliding Interlaken in “Europe’s Best Dormitory for solo travelers & backpackers”.

Interlaken, Switzerland:
Balmer’s Hostel is not just a place to relax. It is a destination of my own. If you are a backpacker in Switzerland, you come here with simplicity and simplicity. The hostel is located in Interlaken, the city at the base of the Swiss Alps, and also has extreme sports capital. In the winter you have to go to the night and paragliding … more about here … but the hostel itself is a place to stay with good underground bars and tons of other travelers. Not just But explore the mountains of Switzerland, but get excited with activities pumping aggressively.

Lisbon view “The best hostel in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Lisbon, Portugal:
From all major cities in Europe, I think Lisbon has the best hostel. They are all very inexpensive and because there are so many great options, there are tons of activities and perks at each dorm to keep up with the competition. My friends and I are at Home Lisbon Hostel and we are definitely not disappointed. There are tours that you can use with a group dinner hostel and a free work space if you want to finish work.

London Road in “Europe’s best hostel for solo travelers & backpackers”

London, England:
To be honest, I did not succeed in exploring London as a solo traveler. The first time I came to London I stayed at Palmer’s Lodge in the Swiss Cottage. It has some of the best reviews on Hostelworld, but that does not mean that much because no hostel really has stellar reviews in comparison to other cities. Get out and take the time to get into town. Also, when we arrived, there were 2 people sleeping on our bed. But you win some, you lose some, and the staff was good at turning us into a new hostel. The second time I chose to make a private room in airbnb, the problem was that while airbnb was on the most lovely street in London, I did not interact with everyone while I was there. In addition, families do not need to disclose that the bathroom is private or shared in a private room, so I have to share with two others I did not expect. So for those of you who have a great London experience, please share your feedback and I’ll update accordingly!

Madrid, Spain:
I live in my own apartment in Madrid, so I never stayed in a hostel here. But there are so many wonderful people I choose my two fav.


Munich, Germany:
Wombats City Hostel Munich Easy There are more than 20,000 reviews on Hostelworld for this hotel, and I think there might be a save. The hostel is conveniently located, hostels, hostels, etc. If you book a room at the last minute and the Wombats are not available, then check out the Youth Hostel Euro, which is a block or two, now the Oktoberfest. The process involved a little bit because these dormitories are sold ahead of time. Fortunately, finding a hostel was not as severe as when I went to the Oktoberfest in 2012, because airbnb had created more supply. However, you may have to deal with any hostel where you can find or book airbnb property and try to split the charges with some friends. You will want to check the hotel as well, sometimes it is cheaper than the accommodation you pay for a bed. Basically, just exhaust all the options in your search for the available property and try not to book too many spots to get out of the city center, where you have to take a long distance train into town.

Paris, France:
There is no secret that the Parisian housing market is notoriously expensive and also expands to hotel / hotel / other. It was a Parisian hostel at the same price as a hotel, so it made more sense to book a hotel if You travel with others because the dorm is not that scary though. Now I may suggest getting airbnb as my first choice if you are on a budget because there is a huge supply and a more reasonable price compared to the hotel. If you are on your own, perhaps check out the Vintage Gare du Nord by Hophophostels? I honestly hesitate to recommend any since no one has a good review. But this one looks good enough … not tempting super. I know at least with this hostel, negative reviews do not seem to be too much trouble compared to other reviews at St. Christopher’s Dorm and Generator.

Prague, Czech Republic:
Prague has a lot of well-reviewed rooms at a reasonable price, with over 2,000 reviews. If you are in one of the following, I think you will be happy with the experience. They all have daily activities, a nightly dinner and one hostel accommodation. There is a free evening dinner at Madhouse. I stayed at Hostel Mosaic House when I went to Prague because I booked and that was the option. Best The beds are super comfortable and the place is convenient. But I think all three options are better if they have room availability!

Hostel Home

Hostel One Prague

Madhouse Prague

Roman Forum in “The Best Hostels in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Rome, Italy:
I do not want to say that Rome has a distinctive host. But there are many options to choose from. I think part of the reason is because Rome is huge. However, it is still a walking city because public transport is not so phenomenal. So many people are surprised at the location of the hostel. I am at Hostel Alessandro Downtown, because I go to a lot of people and Book a trip 2 days before, but I think there are better options. The most famous hostel is The Yellow, which claims to be a hostel party, because they have their own bar across the street, where many tourists go out. Check out the Dreaming Rome Hostel for free breakfast and free pasta dinner, and about a mile from the Colosseum.

Ronda Spain in “Best Dormitory in Europe for solo travelers & backpackers”

Ronda, Spain:
I would like to include Hotel Ronda on the list because after several nights staying in a hostel I would always recommend booking the hotel for at least a night to recover and reimburse. All situations in the shared bathroom, and the lights on and off at night, can cause wear and tear. So if there is a city with good hotels for hostel prices, Hotel Ronda can book around € 50 and is a place. Great place The staff was sweet and they had a complimentary breakfast of coffee, fruit and pastries in the morning. Ronda is also a city that I think you can have as much fun as you can with people.

La Banda on the deck of Seville, Spain, in “the best hostel in Europe for solo travelers and backpackers”.

Seville, Spain:
La Banda Rooftop Hostel is my latest accommodation and one of the best in Europe for single travelers. If you are going for Semana Santa this is all you have to do … read the reason here. Hint: It is because of their roof. There are many reasons why this place is a great place, including a location next to the cathedral and Alcazar, a great social place and comfortable bed. It is also very clean. Have someone in the bathroom make sure of that litera.


Rome is an uninhabited city – full of ancient history, talented Romanian people, fine local cuisine, and of course the ideal wines. For my third visit to the Italian capital, I was determined to travel far beyond the sights and see Rome more from a local perspective, so I asked my friend Simone from Access. Italy to show me the current hot cities, and the best secret in Rome.

Terrazza Borromini Rome | World of WANDERLUST

1. Terraza Borromini
The hottest table in town (If you can manage the reception) is now available at Terraza Borromini. Large terrace overlooking the city with one of the best sunset views you will find in Rome.

Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 30, 00186 Rome

The Best Spots in Rome | World of Wagner Fendi Casa | World of WANDERLUST

2. Fendi Casa
Rome is a fashion city for fashion designers and fashion lovers who like them, so visiting Fendi Casa should be high on your list if you are looking for a unique taste of life beyond the flagship Fendi.

Largo Carlo Goldoni, 420, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

The Best Spots in Rome | World’s Best Waves in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

3. Access to the Vatican City
Little people know that there are ways to go. Inside the Vatican, including a private tour, a visit to the mosaic studio and a story to be reached, you can visit the Pope yourself! Traveling to Italy offers a variety of special tours in the Vatican and the best … you can cross this line!

Vatican City

Best Local Restaurants in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

4. Testaccio district for best local food
If you come to Rome for a meal and are not impressed, the only explanation is that you do not know where to go. Restaurant Rejoicing: There are all the neighborhoods waiting to be explored and go by the Testaccio name for a classic homemade reservation at Agustarello and La Torricella. Both are formal and have some of the most authentic home cooking. in the city If your pizza is more style, head over to the thin crust pizza at Da Remo.

Testaccio district in Rome

The best secret in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

5. Through Margutta
When walking along the road in Rome, it is easy to fall victim to the crowd and the offensive associated with them. However, some romanesque streets in Rome are often located next to busy pedestrian streets, such as the Via Margutta, one of the best secrets in Rome.

Via Margutta, Roma


6. behind closed doors
For a glimpse into Roman life and lifestyle, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for open doors and doors that show the courtyards inside of the residences and the secrets behind them. This is one of my favorite games to play when visiting the European capital Paris, and it’s worth more while you stumble on such hidden gems!

Secrets of Rome | World of WANDERLUST

7. Ponte Umberto I
Rome is a perfect postcard waiting to happen at almost every corner. But nothing more than the view of the river and the classic backdrop offered by Ponte Umberto I. For the best photos from this viewpoint, head down the stairs to the river itself. Classic frame with Rome in the back.

Ponte Umberto I

The Best Spots in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

8. Pincian Hills
One of the best views of Rome is that it must be at the top of the Pincian hills. So if your sneakers allow for a little walk one day, be sure to work with the top! There are beautiful gardens nearby to enjoy and escape the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, 00187 Roma

The Best Spots in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

9. Il Giardino Rooftop Bar
With sunset views and creative cocktails in your style, you do not have to look far beyond the rooftop bar at Hotel Eden for the best cocktails and sunset views in Rome.

Il Giardino, Hotel Eden, Romagna


10 Colosseum at Sunrise
Although this place is far from secret. But the secret to visiting the Colosseum before sunrise seems to have been well preserved. You often meet just one or two other photographers here at this time and can enjoy almost all the monuments for yourself. Be sure to arrive before dawn for magical yellow light as they click out while the sun begins to rise.

Best ice cream in Rome | Best World Ice Cream in Rome World of WANDERLUST

11. Giolitti for the best gelato in Rome
One of the main questions in my mind for Rome is easy: Where to find the best ice cream? After all the gelato in Rome, I can confidently say that the best ice cream in Rome can be found at Giolitti town center – a short walk from Pantheon. My favorite combo is Chocolate and raspberry …… drool!

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma

Most Places in Rome | Instagrammable World of WANDERLUST

12. Spanish stairs that have been recently updated.
Another completely different monument on the way to sunrise is the recently renovated Spanish staircase. No other place in Rome seems to be alive and elevated, especially without the crowds. Enjoy it all for yourself!