Not long ago, I paid attention to how I never wrote a guide to Miami, even when I was really happy with my time. I traveled to Miami straight after traveling all over the southern United States and before traveling to St Barthelemy, so this small town by sea escapes very little attention. But, alas, here we are in a quick guide to Miami, featuring a favorite place to live, eat and play!

Miami Florida

Population: 420,000+
Known for: beaches and clubs.
Climate: warm and dry from November to mid-April (summer), monsoon climate
A quick guide to Miami
Before arriving
Miami has the hottest temperatures in the US in the winter, making it a popular holiday destination for both Americans and visitors from far away. Winter is much cheaper to visit. With additional availability. But do not forget that Miami has a tropical monsoon climate.

On arrival
Like other US cities, airport shuttle services are the most popular way to travel between the airport and the city. (Supershuttle) as it reduces the passengers from the airport to their hotels. Otherwise, public transport is a viable option (Metrorail and Metrobus) or a pre-booked taxi or car.

Spinning around
Choosing to stay in the heart of downtown Miami comes with many benefits – sandy beaches, walking to most places, and everything at your fingertips. South Beach is home to choices. It is popular, such as Miami Beach (north of South Beach) and Downtown Miami for some luxury hotels.

If you are planning to see Florida cities and remote areas in the US, the car will be very useful. But the connection between the city is very good as well.

Things to see
Key Biscane – An island town located south of Miami Beach and a great spot to unwind from the busy crowd.

Villa Vizcaya – Italian-style villa with special garden to explore. Daily open traffic is expected Tuesday.

Villa Casa Casuarina – It used to be the old house of Giovanni Versace, and now is a luxury hotel. If you can get into the door through a security guard, this is a special villa to see first hand.

Venetian Pool – A historic public pool that feels as good as watching in Miami Heat!

la maria

What to eat and drink
With Miami immigrant populations, Miami is a major destination for foodies interested in sampling Latin American food.

La Mar (Peru) – The chef (Gaston Acurio) knows his stuff. Within a few minutes I was informed that Peru has almost 4,000 varieties of potatoes and it is recommended to try one dish off the menu. Nature I force dessert (lemon meringue pie) is the only orange dessert I’ve ever had – just God!

Zuma (Japan) – Located in downtown, this is said to be the best Japanese restaurant in Miami.

Joe’s Stone Crab (Seafood) – For seafood lovers, Joe’s is located in South Beach and serves fresh seafood.

Ceviche 105 (Peruvian) – Another great choice of Peru, located in the heart of the city.

get out
Orlando – Many travelers continue to Orlando, Floridia, home of Universal Studios, Disneyland, Wet and Wild, Sea World … You can be overwhelmed. The soil of happiness itself.

Key West – A one-day trip to Key West is a great way to escape Miami’s fast and see what all the fuss about Florida is about. This is where you can relax and take a moment to take it all!

Everglades – Everglades are a popular day trip and a great choice if you are traveling with children who are in one way or another tired of the beach!

Bahamas – You can choose to make a quick day trip by ferry to the Bahamas or better yet, make a further stop on your trip!