Visit JAPAN FOR THE FIRST TIME – Everything you need to know

Before going to Japan for the first time, I would admit that I had a tunnel vision that this experience would be about. I have a picture of sushi train and a peace sign with epic mountains and busy city. While this is true, Japan is so. (So ​​much) more than that. Of course, you can watch TV to traditional Japanese shows and make sure you can eat sushi almost every time. (Although the sushi train is not really Japanese), but the Japanese experience. Culture, History and Traditions

Now you go to Japan for the first time. Here is a complete guide for everything you need to know in advance. From the manners in the basket through the robot toilet, here is your complete guide to ensure a smooth and fun journey to Japan!

Tokyo | Everything you need to know

Visit Japan for the first time.
Japan is not expensive.
First, let me start by saying that Japan is nowhere near as expensive as ever, especially in the current weakening of the yen and US dollar. Larger cities such as Tokyo are still expensive. But when it comes to here, it is possible to eat cheap food as well as take advantage of many free activities. (Starts from Shibuya Park and Meiji Shrine. To name a few)

Traveling by train is the greatest.
Before traveling to Japan, I did not have a clue to travel to Tokyo. After conducting my own online research too, I decided to book tours for my father and me to enjoy the country as a whole, making it an easy way to see Japan’s highlights while getting clever explanations. About culture, history and traditions, even if you want to travel one way, the best way to explore the country is by train. (In most cases, Japan has a famous high-speed train which travels at 320 km / h!). Make less trips, so you have more time to enjoy each destination.

Ladies train only
When riding the subway, be sure to always be aware of the signs that might be right for you. (Do not worry, they are almost translated into English for foreigners.) “Ladies only” bus runs on some trains and some routes. But what you have to do is look for signs when boarding. To give some indication, we see these cars only twice more than 11 days of travel.

No trash
After collecting garbage on the first day in Japan, I realized that the trash was not here. As a lazy person, I find myself always on the lookout for trash, and not much is enough to find a restaurant outside our dining room and hotel room. The reason being described to me is a local custom that Japanese people find it rude to eat on the go, so they are not encouraged to do so by having bins available in public. So do not forget to use your backpack or backpack with you each day to make sure you have a place to put the trash (and not hungry!).

Chopsticks in Japan

Etiquette in chopsticks
One of the best things I have learned in this trip is to practice properly when eating chopsticks. Although I know how to use chopsticks after years of visiting Hong Kong. But I never realized that using chopsticks was a taboo.

Here are some things that should not be done: Do not put your chopsticks up in a bowl of rice, do not stab your food with chopsticks, do not pass the food between two sets of chopsticks, and do not use two pairs of chopsticks mismatch. This is considered a taboo.

No need to tip or expect.
When in a restaurant, especially be sure to refrain from tipping as this is not customary and will actually insult or confuse your waiter. Do not be surprised if you find yourself chasing halfway through the waiter trying to change your loose change – that’s just how unusual it is for someone to tip at the restaurant!

Shoes off
After spending a few days in Japan, you should use your shoes and take off your shoes. In many religious houses, homes and historic castles, removing shoes is essential before you enter. However, something should be noted. Make sure you wear socks or at least two socks that are useful to use because bare feet are found insulting. Also make sure to step out of the entrance to the house or building entrance without letting the sock touch the floor dirty, since you are considered quite rude for wearing dirty socks.

Android toilet
One thing I will never forget about Japan is the Toto bathroom. In the hotel room and restaurant, you can expect all kinds of gadgets to jump onto your bathroom board for a lifetime trip. But really!) The heated seats are normal as well as automatic cleanup … but there are a range of buttons to play along with the gauge.


After a European whirlwind tour and a baking week in Paris, I returned to Australia through Hong Kong, one of the most logical destinations for traveling from Australia to Europe. (Along with Singapore)

With just 48 hours in the city and my jet plane weighing down, I was surprised to see that I could fit in for such a brief visit! If you find yourself in Hong Kong for a short time, this is the perfect schedule for pairing. (There are some options depending on how many times you visit!)

Hong Kong Guide | The World of Fire
Check in: Hong Kong Island VS Kowloon
There are two main choices when you arrive in Hong Kong: stay “on the island” or stay in Kowloon. (There is a huge area on the other side of the syrup to the mainland of China.) To be honest with you, I love both and each one for different reasons.

Hong Kong Island is centrally located and within walking distance of major tourist attractions. Most of the islands are more financially feasible and most Hong Kong businesses operate outside the central region. On the other hand, you have Kowloon that offers a more authentic stay, just minutes to the local market and right. “In the thick of it”

On this trip, I checked in at the new Kerry Hotel, which is located away from the hustle and bustle with all the bay views. The other hotels I enjoyed were the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Dreams of fashion bloggers. ) Four Seasons Hotel (One of the best views of Kowloon from the island) The Ritz Carlton (one of the tallest hotels in the world – you literally woke me up in the clouds) and a 3-4 star hotel on Nathan Road. Why The day before the block (All this great. But no one remembered it.)

Get your bearings: Take the Peak Tram!
You can not go to Hong Kong and do not go to the top of the Victoria Mountains, which is a prominent mountain overlooking Hong Kong Island, and offers uninterrupted views of Kowloon Bay. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the mountain mansions as you travel up the peak, where home prices call for millions. (Some of the most expensive real estate in the whole world!)

Quirky Eats in Hong Kong | World Travel Guide of Wanderlust Hong Kong | World of Wanderlust Quirky Eats in Hong Kong |
Take lunch at Cat Street.
Some of the city’s expatriates are Cat Road, which still retains its authenticity, offering local handicrafts, souvenirs, souvenirs and many delicious food to sink. Food is rarely like in the country because the neighborhood is still retained due to the expatriate population and the logical feeling to offer more western food in the area. (But most of the food is tender and original. Their way)

Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon.
No matter how many times I visit Hong Kong and will continue to visit in the future, I will never forget the view and tranquility when cruising from the island to Kowloon with a reasonable price of less than 1 night.

Walk along the Kowloon Pier.
Avenue of Stars is taste-tasteless and lively. It still provides one of the best views of the city skyline! I would recommend arriving in time for sunset and watching the city evolve from day to night. Take a picnic if needed and watch the light show open every evening at 8pm.

Shopping in Hong Kong |
Night Market in Mong Kok
After the tranquility and tranquility of the harbor, turn things into gear and travel along Mong Kok, home of Hong Kong’s famous night market. Over the years, I have been admired by the product. (Brand books, phone cases, and cheap souvenirs. But the experience itself is still equally fun.

The most famous night markets are Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market. During the day, you will find Fa Yuen Street, fish market and flower market for little difference.

Day 2: Go to remote island
Hong Kong experience is about escaping, as well as visiting the city itself, if only for a day or an afternoon! Hong Kong’s beauty is outlandish with hiking, beach and natural beauty to discover. If your first trip to Hong Kong, you should take Lantau Island as your starting point, because here you will see the famous bronze Buddha and experience the ancient culture and traditions of Hong Kong.

If you have visited Lantau, then the options are endless! Lamma is another great day for a more relaxed escape from the city and the beautiful beaches, so you can forget about the hustle and bustle of anytime.

Have dinner at Ho Lee Fook.
On this last trip I met a favorite dinner place in the Central region, thanks to fellow Morgan living in Hong Kong in the past year and have discovered the best.


Rome is an uninhabited city – full of ancient history, talented Romanian people, fine local cuisine, and of course the ideal wines. For my third visit to the Italian capital, I was determined to travel far beyond the sights and see Rome more from a local perspective, so I asked my friend Simone from Access. Italy to show me the current hot cities, and the best secret in Rome.

Terrazza Borromini Rome | World of WANDERLUST

1. Terraza Borromini
The hottest table in town (If you can manage the reception) is now available at Terraza Borromini. Large terrace overlooking the city with one of the best sunset views you will find in Rome.

Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 30, 00186 Rome

The Best Spots in Rome | World of Wagner Fendi Casa | World of WANDERLUST

2. Fendi Casa
Rome is a fashion city for fashion designers and fashion lovers who like them, so visiting Fendi Casa should be high on your list if you are looking for a unique taste of life beyond the flagship Fendi.

Largo Carlo Goldoni, 420, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

The Best Spots in Rome | World’s Best Waves in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

3. Access to the Vatican City
Little people know that there are ways to go. Inside the Vatican, including a private tour, a visit to the mosaic studio and a story to be reached, you can visit the Pope yourself! Traveling to Italy offers a variety of special tours in the Vatican and the best … you can cross this line!

Vatican City

Best Local Restaurants in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

4. Testaccio district for best local food
If you come to Rome for a meal and are not impressed, the only explanation is that you do not know where to go. Restaurant Rejoicing: There are all the neighborhoods waiting to be explored and go by the Testaccio name for a classic homemade reservation at Agustarello and La Torricella. Both are formal and have some of the most authentic home cooking. in the city If your pizza is more style, head over to the thin crust pizza at Da Remo.

Testaccio district in Rome

The best secret in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

5. Through Margutta
When walking along the road in Rome, it is easy to fall victim to the crowd and the offensive associated with them. However, some romanesque streets in Rome are often located next to busy pedestrian streets, such as the Via Margutta, one of the best secrets in Rome.

Via Margutta, Roma


6. behind closed doors
For a glimpse into Roman life and lifestyle, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for open doors and doors that show the courtyards inside of the residences and the secrets behind them. This is one of my favorite games to play when visiting the European capital Paris, and it’s worth more while you stumble on such hidden gems!

Secrets of Rome | World of WANDERLUST

7. Ponte Umberto I
Rome is a perfect postcard waiting to happen at almost every corner. But nothing more than the view of the river and the classic backdrop offered by Ponte Umberto I. For the best photos from this viewpoint, head down the stairs to the river itself. Classic frame with Rome in the back.

Ponte Umberto I

The Best Spots in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

8. Pincian Hills
One of the best views of Rome is that it must be at the top of the Pincian hills. So if your sneakers allow for a little walk one day, be sure to work with the top! There are beautiful gardens nearby to enjoy and escape the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, 00187 Roma

The Best Spots in Rome | World of WANDERLUST

9. Il Giardino Rooftop Bar
With sunset views and creative cocktails in your style, you do not have to look far beyond the rooftop bar at Hotel Eden for the best cocktails and sunset views in Rome.

Il Giardino, Hotel Eden, Romagna


10 Colosseum at Sunrise
Although this place is far from secret. But the secret to visiting the Colosseum before sunrise seems to have been well preserved. You often meet just one or two other photographers here at this time and can enjoy almost all the monuments for yourself. Be sure to arrive before dawn for magical yellow light as they click out while the sun begins to rise.

Best ice cream in Rome | Best World Ice Cream in Rome World of WANDERLUST

11. Giolitti for the best gelato in Rome
One of the main questions in my mind for Rome is easy: Where to find the best ice cream? After all the gelato in Rome, I can confidently say that the best ice cream in Rome can be found at Giolitti town center – a short walk from Pantheon. My favorite combo is Chocolate and raspberry …… drool!

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma

Most Places in Rome | Instagrammable World of WANDERLUST

12. Spanish stairs that have been recently updated.
Another completely different monument on the way to sunrise is the recently renovated Spanish staircase. No other place in Rome seems to be alive and elevated, especially without the crowds. Enjoy it all for yourself!