After a European whirlwind tour and a baking week in Paris, I returned to Australia through Hong Kong, one of the most logical destinations for traveling from Australia to Europe. (Along with Singapore)

With just 48 hours in the city and my jet plane weighing down, I was surprised to see that I could fit in for such a brief visit! If you find yourself in Hong Kong for a short time, this is the perfect schedule for pairing. (There are some options depending on how many times you visit!)

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Check in: Hong Kong Island VS Kowloon
There are two main choices when you arrive in Hong Kong: stay “on the island” or stay in Kowloon. (There is a huge area on the other side of the syrup to the mainland of China.) To be honest with you, I love both and each one for different reasons.

Hong Kong Island is centrally located and within walking distance of major tourist attractions. Most of the islands are more financially feasible and most Hong Kong businesses operate outside the central region. On the other hand, you have Kowloon that offers a more authentic stay, just minutes to the local market and right. “In the thick of it”

On this trip, I checked in at the new Kerry Hotel, which is located away from the hustle and bustle with all the bay views. The other hotels I enjoyed were the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Dreams of fashion bloggers. ) Four Seasons Hotel (One of the best views of Kowloon from the island) The Ritz Carlton (one of the tallest hotels in the world – you literally woke me up in the clouds) and a 3-4 star hotel on Nathan Road. Why The day before the block (All this great. But no one remembered it.)

Get your bearings: Take the Peak Tram!
You can not go to Hong Kong and do not go to the top of the Victoria Mountains, which is a prominent mountain overlooking Hong Kong Island, and offers uninterrupted views of Kowloon Bay. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the mountain mansions as you travel up the peak, where home prices call for millions. (Some of the most expensive real estate in the whole world!)

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Take lunch at Cat Street.
Some of the city’s expatriates are Cat Road, which still retains its authenticity, offering local handicrafts, souvenirs, souvenirs and many delicious food to sink. Food is rarely like in the country because the neighborhood is still retained due to the expatriate population and the logical feeling to offer more western food in the area. (But most of the food is tender and original. Their way)

Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon.
No matter how many times I visit Hong Kong and will continue to visit in the future, I will never forget the view and tranquility when cruising from the island to Kowloon with a reasonable price of less than 1 night.

Walk along the Kowloon Pier.
Avenue of Stars is taste-tasteless and lively. It still provides one of the best views of the city skyline! I would recommend arriving in time for sunset and watching the city evolve from day to night. Take a picnic if needed and watch the light show open every evening at 8pm.

Shopping in Hong Kong |
Night Market in Mong Kok
After the tranquility and tranquility of the harbor, turn things into gear and travel along Mong Kok, home of Hong Kong’s famous night market. Over the years, I have been admired by the product. (Brand books, phone cases, and cheap souvenirs. But the experience itself is still equally fun.

The most famous night markets are Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market. During the day, you will find Fa Yuen Street, fish market and flower market for little difference.

Day 2: Go to remote island
Hong Kong experience is about escaping, as well as visiting the city itself, if only for a day or an afternoon! Hong Kong’s beauty is outlandish with hiking, beach and natural beauty to discover. If your first trip to Hong Kong, you should take Lantau Island as your starting point, because here you will see the famous bronze Buddha and experience the ancient culture and traditions of Hong Kong.

If you have visited Lantau, then the options are endless! Lamma is another great day for a more relaxed escape from the city and the beautiful beaches, so you can forget about the hustle and bustle of anytime.

Have dinner at Ho Lee Fook.
On this last trip I met a favorite dinner place in the Central region, thanks to fellow Morgan living in Hong Kong in the past year and have discovered the best.

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