Mokuju recommends travel methods and reviews before reaching the sailboat.

Suggested ways to prepare for long-distance hiking 5 days 4 nights to conquer the peak of Mokuju. Mae Wong National Park Khampangphet With a review of hiking trails, what conditions will be encountered What must be prepared? We have answers


Mokuju, sky-high peak Higher than the sea level, more than 1,964 meters But to reach the highest point of the sailboat Must use both a strong heart and a strong body to break through the path of the brutal way up to the top of Mokuju Total duration is 5 days and 4 nights. Walk-back for a distance of 64 kilometers. Not really a secondary. May have to remove the heart during the journey


And the dot com bottle has the opportunity to travel and explore the path to conquer the peak of Mokuju with Mae Wong National Park, Tourism Authority of Thailand Northern region And Tourism Authority of Thailand Sukhothai Office It is a trip that is brutally multiplied by two. Because it rained throughout the journey Causing our group to go far only to Khlong Song Camp Could not go up to Camp Doi Doi and the rock boat But we still have reviews for everyone To benefit those who are preparing to conquer Mokuju this season





Although this trip will not reach our destination But on the way, there are a lot of stories and impressions. Very lucky to get a good companion. Help each other, diligently create laughter and smiles for the whole 5 days. 4 nights. But the most delicious Showered in a once-in-a-lifetime stream Saw the beauty of the Mokuju route in another form that few people would see This is worth it. If there is a fortune, we meet again. 🙂

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