Danang – Hoi An to 5 million (Pickled) 5 Days 4 Nights

รีวิวดานัง – ฮอยอัน กำตังค์ไป 5 ล้าน (ดอง) ฉบับ 5 วัน 4 คืน


Because we have been to Hoi An once. It is a trip to just one. It is a trip that takes a lot of time. On the car about 15-18 hours per trip, this time I want to go to Hoi An for a comfortable trip, not to waste time traveling. And can stay in Hoi An long. So we agreed to fly straight to Da Nang. Then take the bus to Hoi An. But it is only to the city of Hoi An. This is a trip up to everyone to watch. If you are ready to go.

Travel from Bangkok Go to Hoi An We took the plane to Danang (Danang), we said it was the most work. Save time And do not wait. Open Traveloka. Find flights to Da Nang Eventually flying flies at the right time. Why we choose Travel Because it is easy to click on the information, we have a lot to fly. I also use the code to reduce the price. I have to save a lot.

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