Vientiane Vang Vieng according to the people who love Chill 4 days and 3 nights.

This trip is a comfortable one.
Because you bring with you. Age is quite a lot.
I would like to focus on the activity is not much.
I focus on walking. Ride the bike instead.
Plus the time we travel. Everyday Rain Cold weather
To play water again. The flu is back to be sure.

To say that you go with. We have to choose the least traveled way.
So the plane is a good solution for this trip.
I like to follow many posts. Every time
Will focus on pro ticket And plan ahead for a year 555+.
This time it was like. Tickets available for AirAsia come in at 990 Baht – back.
Traveling on 25-28 January 2018.
So let’s see the rough plan of this trip too.
Product Name: Vang Vieng Vientiane

This is a rough plan. The flight time is not pretty.
I think you take the mother to sit abroad.
You have a tease. I like to go very far 555+)
Time to take people to foreign countries. I will be excited.
No matter how far or near the child is. The eyes will always look happy.
If anyone like to try to take your parents to go with it.
We will feel that we are not really happy.

Day 1

This is the first trip. We can sleep late. Go to the airport late.
I have not heard from Chill since I left home.
Because we fly in the afternoon. Go to Laos more than two.
At first we will travel to Vang Vieng today. The last bus trip was two o’clock.
I think that is not true. Choose to stay at Wiang Jasn before one night.
This is a trip to Chill. Today we will just walk the door and then Night Market.
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Before going to the door. We have stopped by this photo.
From where to find information. This is the Lao Cultural Center.
It is for organizing events or important events.

Day 2

Because today’s car is delayed. From the 9:30 am to 11:00 am.
I will go to Vang Vieng at 4 pm to plan.
From where I asked the driver. The distance is only 150 km.
But the way is not good. Then we went to the road again. So it took a long time to reach.
We are not very drunk. I can not do it. Get rid of nausea with mother to pill.
I do not have to be pissed.
Come to Vang Vieng, the first thing that I want to do now. Check in at the hotel and sleep in. 555+

Day 3

Today, leave the house about 10 o’clock due to heavy rains.
From the thought of buying a tour. We changed the plan to rent a motorcycle.
If you buy a tire tour. View Profile Do not risk
You bring the mother to his girlfriend to me.
From the walk to the price inquiry. Ordinary gear is cheaper.
The price is 50,000 kip.
We choose Auto But 70,000 kip have not been known.
I do not know what to do. The rain will fall again.

Day 4

it’s time to go home I eat breakfast to be frightened.
Why do we have so much fun?
At least eat breakfast in the beautiful view before returning. I have been very happy.

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