Sasi Villa, Khao Yai, comfortable accommodation in the beautiful garden, chic cafe

The condo has a common area. Including a small fitness center And a swimming pool That is at the back of the free service area Can use the service

After relaxing in the room Regardless of which zone Want to take a beautiful photo, watch the evening atmosphere Stop to sip a chilled drink in the coffee shop Doctor coffee. Taste good drinks available. Also have a zone to sit Take multiple angles Both the sitting corner in the shop Decorated in Bali style by the pool Overlooking the garden and grassland

Walking around the garden inside the accommodation is quite good. In the evening, sunny Take a walk and take photos, not too hot The interior is decorated in French style. Inspired by the world famous painter claude monet Both the blue arched bridge In the middle of the famous lotus pond Was invented in the area of Sasi Villa. Next to the bridge is the arch of blue seats decorated with pink flowers.

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