Sasi Villa, Khao Yai, comfortable accommodation in the beautiful garden, chic cafe

Visit Khao Yai in a relaxing, comfortable stay at Sasi Villa, surrounded by beautiful French gardens. Dreamy atmosphere with swaying fields Surrounded by beautiful
mountain views Stroll around the beautiful garden and enjoy delicious snacks and beverages in a chic cafe. Is a luxury villa that has everything In price Staying here without having to visit anywhere in Khao Yai Just relax and stay in the accommodation to enjoy. And get full happiness

Sasi Villa offers rooms divided into 2 zones. The first zone is Pavilion, which is a Bali style room with backs, there are a total of 4 units and another zone is rooms in condo. Located in the 360 Pano Khaoyai project, just 200 meters away from the Pavilion zone. There are 7 large penthouse suites, suites and studios. You can choose to stay. Number of guests and budget

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