There are some places you visit in the world that you immediately know will not compare to where else you have been in the past or ever will in the future. Jerusalem is unequivocally one of them. This is a holy city that has been rife throughout all ages and has been battled by all three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Today, the city is divided into four parts: the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. While on the surface, there is peace and prosperity in modern-day Jerusalem. The fact, under the class of history, shows the struggle in the past. It is still present in this ancient city, once the center of the world. Class of history is not shaped. But it is literally literal, since the city has been destroyed and rebuilt more than once in history. Each time the city was rebuilt, it was on the floor of another ruin, which made it unique throughout the ages.

A week in Israel – Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Old City, King of David – Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem

While appearing on a calm surface on the surface. There are many important battles that have been going on throughout history to this day, and will no doubt continue for many years to come. The mantra is intermittent throughout the day, while on Friday afternoon the old town is full of Jewish people who are coming to pray at the Western Wall, the most sacred place for Jews. However, even the Western Wall did not come without a complicated accident. But after the second temple was destroyed by the Romans in May, 70. It is therefore considered to be the most sacred place for Jews. The place where the monastery once stands is the impressive golden dome mosque … What do I mean about complex ?!

It is important to ask questions across Israel to explore history. But nowhere in the world is it more true than in Jerusalem – there is enough history to come in. For example, you will be forgiven for being confused all the time. This city is especially if you are interested in learning about this subject fairly. Do not be surprised if your advice asks you to respect your religion before the start of the day and prepare your day for the better, as well as visiting the tombs of Jesus Christ while Catholics prefer to use the Vail. If you do not have any religion, then ask many questions because there is no understanding in the background. And title to be used at all.

Be sure to walk through every quarter to experience the authenticity of each one. I like the Muslim neighborhood in the market and visit the church of the sacred cemetery in the Christian district. Another highlight for Christian visitors is Stations of the Cross, located at Via Dolorosa, and to be honest, this article will cover all Bible-related articles and references in Jerusalem.

If you can look through the chaos and admiration of this sacred city with its unique beauty and history, you will enjoy Jerusalem and its controversy. The old town is almost where you should spend most of the time here. But do not be afraid to venture and feel the way of life in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the largest city.

Apart from Old Town, a unique feature for weekend visitors is a trip to the Machane Yehuda Market on Friday afternoon to see the chaos that locals are trying to collect in their market. Evening of friday Lasted until the same time on Saturday evening.

There is something far beyond Jerusalem that should not be taken for the West to experience Bethlehem, and to see the difference in Palestinian life and opportunities. In support of their local community, no doubt. About Coins Tourism

Jerusalem Christian Quarter Jerusalem

Trip Details:
I visited Jerusalem with Israel Eyal my guide who organized a private tour in Israel.

I visited Bethlehem with a local Palestinian guide organized by my Eyal.

I stayed at the Dan Boutique Hotel, which had great views of the city.

Those who eat vegetarian food will enjoy the Cafe Mamilla.

Be sure to practice yourself with the authentic Falafel Arab Shuk (Market – in a Muslim neighborhood).

My trip was organized by Go Israel.

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