Have lunch Pupae Thai wooden house

Near noon, the stomach began to cry. When entering the society district Will begin to be a community And is bustling Both sides of the road are full of accommodation. In which most of the district accommodations are resort accommodations, the atmosphere on the Mekong is quite comfortable Including many restaurants We visit to have lunch Pupae Thai wooden house which serves both accommodation and restaurants. In the restaurant section Located on the edge of the Mekong, good atmosphere, cool wind blowing The food focuses on the Mekong fish menu.

Which has many menus to choose from Order Tom Yam Pla Kang Stir-fry the boar 2 This menu tastes very good. All flavors are bold, the taste of the food in the Tom Yum or the salad is very delicious, while the wild boar puff is a little sweet. Banana Root Fish with Garlic Fry a little oil but the taste is ok

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