If passing Phetchaburi Don’t just pass by. Try to stop by to go into the city. Because aside from having delicious food Famous dessert Old temple Still chic and classic at Soi Talad Rim Nam, Phetchaburi The ancient commercial building community that has been trading for decades has lovely
Phetchaburi paintings on the walls of houses. Which reflects the story of being a Chinese-Thai community And is another point that can be walked to see the way of life of the market town of Petch While also taking pictures and beautiful paintings as well

The starting point for the Sightseeing Street Art in Phetchaburi begins at Wat Mahathat. If anyone uses a private car, can park in the temple area. Because there is no space for parking in the market After crossing the bank, it will be the area of ​​Phetchaburi Riverside Market. But before going in, first intended to walk to eat rice noodles, fried sweet potato in Thong Chiang Chao This is a famous menu of the city of Diamond that must not be missed. But it turns out that he had moved So try eating this restaurant Spacious area to sit in an ancient building to match the atmosphere. The outstanding set is opposite to Wat Mahathat. Try the first bite. Delicious. Sweet and sour sauce. Eat with rice noodles and then combine. This menu may be more delicious than a famous restaurant. Aside from deep-frying it, there is another Thai rice noodles with green curry, khao chae, another famous royal food. But we already tried both but still not quite hit The Khao Chae menu is intended to be eaten in the market. So you

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