Sasi Villa, Khao Yai, comfortable accommodation in the beautiful garden, chic cafe

The condo has a common area. Including a small fitness center And a swimming pool That is at the back of the free service area Can use the service

After relaxing in the room Regardless of which zone Want to take a beautiful photo, watch the evening atmosphere Stop to sip a chilled drink in the coffee shop Doctor coffee. Taste good drinks available. Also have a zone to sit Take multiple angles Both the sitting corner in the shop Decorated in Bali style by the pool Overlooking the garden and grassland

Walking around the garden inside the accommodation is quite good. In the evening, sunny Take a walk and take photos, not too hot The interior is decorated in French style. Inspired by the world famous painter claude monet Both the blue arched bridge In the middle of the famous lotus pond Was invented in the area of Sasi Villa. Next to the bridge is the arch of blue seats decorated with pink flowers.

Sasi Villa, Khao Yai, comfortable accommodation in the beautiful garden, chic cafe

The second floor of the C1 building is a single room studio. The space is allocated as a corner of the bedroom, living room and kitchenette. With a balcony overlooking the mountains as well. Price starts at 2,500 baht including breakfast for 2 people.

Suite A, B (Suite) decorated in a chic style, consisting of 1 master bedroom and 1 small bedroom, a spacious living room. Living area with a table, very chic chairs and a kitchen. Prices start at 4, 000 baht. Can sleep 4 people.

Arrive at the highlight Penthouse exclusive room, located in the A2 building that opens. Wow. With luxurious decorations With a magnificent million stars At the level of 1 large house consisting of 4 bedrooms with all private bathrooms Some rooms have a bathtub that overlooks the outside. The living room is a glass room. That can see the panoramic view, with a very wide balcony to see the panoramic mountain view

Sasi Villa, Khao Yai, comfortable accommodation in the beautiful garden, chic cafe

Visit Khao Yai in a relaxing, comfortable stay at Sasi Villa, surrounded by beautiful French gardens. Dreamy atmosphere with swaying fields Surrounded by beautiful
mountain views Stroll around the beautiful garden and enjoy delicious snacks and beverages in a chic cafe. Is a luxury villa that has everything In price Staying here without having to visit anywhere in Khao Yai Just relax and stay in the accommodation to enjoy. And get full happiness

Sasi Villa offers rooms divided into 2 zones. The first zone is Pavilion, which is a Bali style room with backs, there are a total of 4 units and another zone is rooms in condo. Located in the 360 Pano Khaoyai project, just 200 meters away from the Pavilion zone. There are 7 large penthouse suites, suites and studios. You can choose to stay. Number of guests and budget

Hai Mo Temple

From the Sangkhom district On the way he saw a large, striking white color. So stop by to pay a visit to make merit. A temple named Hai Sai temple is situated on the banks of the Mekong River. Located in front of the temple

Inside the temple Reverend Luang Pho Hai Sok Reverend Father Thongkum Reverend Father Ngern To pay respect and prosperity Inside the temple, there is a scenic spot on the Mekong which is a bamboo bridge decorated with colorful mobile phones for walking to see the scenery as well.


Have lunch Pupae Thai wooden house

Near noon, the stomach began to cry. When entering the society district Will begin to be a community And is bustling Both sides of the road are full of accommodation. In which most of the district accommodations are resort accommodations, the atmosphere on the Mekong is quite comfortable Including many restaurants We visit to have lunch Pupae Thai wooden house which serves both accommodation and restaurants. In the restaurant section Located on the edge of the Mekong, good atmosphere, cool wind blowing The food focuses on the Mekong fish menu.

Which has many menus to choose from Order Tom Yam Pla Kang Stir-fry the boar 2 This menu tastes very good. All flavors are bold, the taste of the food in the Tom Yum or the salad is very delicious, while the wild boar puff is a little sweet. Banana Root Fish with Garlic Fry a little oil but the taste is ok

Din Tham Phieng, Wat Tham Si Mongkhon,

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

The interior is full of beautiful rocks. Amazing natural wonders The path within the cave to be narrow, must contract. Leaning one’s body through the stone crevices But not as scary as thought and well ventilated Before secretly fearing narrowness I think I have to go out on adventures like I saw in many reviews. But when I come by myself, I feel more comfortable traveling than many caves In addition, it is a strange cave from what has been seen Because the cave that used to be visited was a large hall containing stalactites and stalagmites But the clay cave only looks like a hollow hole, a hole similar to three thousand waving This characteristic is caused by the erosion of the river that flows through Made in that cave Born like a pole Some columns have beautiful wow curves.

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

The more colorful neon lights that are stuck all the way More miraculous According to the belief that this cave had previously been under the Mekong River before Is a Naga cave Divided into 8 rooms, some rooms can worship, pray for blessings. Each room will have a name Including the morgue of Father Grandfather Naga Naga daughter’s room etc.

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

เดินย่อๆมาจนถึงจุดไฮไลท์ ตรงนี้เรียกว่าหินหัวช้าง ซึ่งมีความแคบมาก เรียกได้ว่าจะผ่านตรงนี้ไปได้ คือ ต้องนอนราบแล้วคลานผ่านไปเลยทีเดียว น้องไกด์บอกว่า หินนี้จะขยายตามตัวได้เพียงแค่ตั้งจิตอธิษฐาน คนน้ำหนัก 160 กิโล ก็เคยลอดมาแล้ว

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

Walk briefly to the highlight point This is called the elephant head rock. Which is very narrow Can say that to pass here is to lie down and crawl through it The guide said This stone can be expanded by just praying. People who weigh 160 kilograms have already passed through.

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

Din Tham Phieng, Wat Tham Si Mongkhon, another beautiful landmark of Nong Khai that is naturally beautiful Along with the legend of the belief of the serpent that is respected by the northeast people Which is open for tourists to visit everyday from 06.00 – 15.30 hrs.

11 things to do in Phuket for those on a budget

What are the best activities in Phuket for those on a budget? Of course, it’s not easy to travel cheaply because traveling to Phuket is more costly than other provinces of Thailand. But if your friends follow our recommendations We will definitely be able to find the perfect holiday that will not tear the bag, and will also have a great experience.

One of the best strategies is to rent a motorbike, because taking a taxi and tuk-tuk will cost a lot. Motorbike rental per day is probably 150 baht, but if rented for a week, then it will be reduced further. Of course, driving a motorcycle in Phuket is difficult and requires careful driving. But many people can drive without any problems We just have to keep looking at the road all the time and also have a driver’s license as it may be checked from time to time.

We can also travel from one beach to another by taking a local bus. The service fee is cheap but will be slower than the tuk-tuk.

1 Day Trip with Pasak Jolasid Dam floating train

The first rule of travel for 1 year is only 3 months. Sensitivity

Do not be confused. Even though we booked on the first day before calling the train, press until the crouched hand. But the air conditioner still has different seats We went. Two people had to sit separately. Therefore not reserving air, changing to reserve ordinary seats instead That is a fan !! Maybe thinking about the weather, our house is still thrilling. Will it be hot …

Book the ticket and pay. The train ticket price is 290 round-trip / person. After payment is complete, we can pick up the train ticket at any station. The ticket will look like this with the name of the passenger, both on the way and back.

Perid Island, Chanthaburi 3 days 2 nights, slow walking on the eastern bank

Perid Island, Chanthaburi (pronounced “Kao Tong Kao”), a Chinese fisherman community The former island is not that big now that it is no longer an island. Because sea reclamation has created a road connecting the island from the coast many decades ago.

Last summer, I went to Perid Island. Traveling because of beautiful pictures That is shared in the social world View that is called “Everlasting Blessing” that some give to Bali Is Bali in Thailand Which is a viewpoint that people in the area have developed to welcome tourists in less than two years. Said that it was a new attraction, unpacked in the city of Chan

But at that time I went with a friend This time, when I have free time during the winter months, I would like to take “her” to see the beautiful view.

Khao Di Salak Temple

Beautiful temple located on the top of the hill Inside the shrine is a 108-year-old auspicious Buddha statue built of red sandstone. The Fine Arts Department has registered as an antiques and created a beautiful Thai Buddha mandapa. The Khao Di Salak temple improved the landscape on the top of the hill. With beautiful views in the surrounding U Thong district